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NFConstructions Pvt.Ltd™ And Unity Films™ Presents First Time In India And Middle East A 100 Private Home Digital Cinema Project Estimated Around 75 Crores. The Ultimate Private Cinema Experience.

Damac Properties Dubai Opens Its First Indian Office In Hyderabad India In Collaboration With NFConstructions Pvt.Ltd.

Mr.Syed Algazi Managing Director Of Cracks A Deal With The Uae’s Top Multi-billion Master Developer Construction Company Damac Properties To Open It’s First Indian Marketing Office In Hyderabad To Market It’s 34 Projects In The Middle East. The New Office Is Located In Hyderabad’s Top Most Locality Jubilee Hills And Have Started Functioning From 6th November 2012 With A Road Show And A Conference Which Was Held In JW Marriot Mumbai From November 10th To 11th November 2012.

NFConstructions" to bring smiles on the faces of the underprivileged children in India through it's private charitable organisation "Sadiqa Sultana Charitable Trust" :
latest news
A wonderful Palatial 5 Bedrooms Dream Castle Amidts Lakes, valley & Hills, Pollution Free, 550Yrds 6500sft Jubilee Hills.International Eminities Luxuriously Rich Construction, Swimmingpool , Lawn , Fireplace, Jaccuzi & Tubs, 20 Seater Exclusive Grand Cinema House, Gym & Servent Quarters.
Life of a dreamer “Syed Algazi” Revisited by the Legend ,Barrister Sadiqa Sultana Maam :


Today he may be seen swinging and driving to his offices in India and Dubai in swanky BMW, Ferrari or Lamborghini's but he started with 5000 rupees in his pocket and it took him 32 years of dedication and hard work to reach were he is today. So we take an in depth look into his life which can be an example for the people who dream.

As a child Syed Algazi was extraordinary and wise. He excelled in everything he does. He was a perfectionist. Whether it was studies, sports dramatics, he was the best. Behind the chocolate face was a restless soul ready to prove to the world a point that he has arrived. He was a bundle of strength, intelligence and high ideologies. He is dreamer, but with a difference. Whatever he dreams he sees to it that his dreams become a reality through hard work dedication firm determination till his dreams become reality. At a young age of 8 he made me buy a very expensive video camera and he utilized it to the hilt. He along with his first cousins currently based in London and USA made skits, dramas, short films, music videos and dance videos in which he used to dance on Mithun, Rishi & Amitabh songs. He even danced on Helenji's and Rekhaji's mujras, fully attired in girls disguise with wigs, makeup & flowers in hair. Some of the scenes they did were hilarious and unforgetable. This continued in school as well as in college where he used to get lot of applause for his acting skill and perfection. He earned many awards in school and college in dramas, dance and mimic competitions. Although he belongs to a very big and reputed Nawabs family of Hyderabad with a life to enjoy his youthful days but, he preferred to be a self-made person and at a very young age of 16 years he took 5000 rupees from his mother and started a business on his own and then in a years time he Launched a video games arcade which was the first of it’s kind in Hyderabad Inaugurated by Indian Cricket team Captain Mohd.Azharuddin. The videogames were brought from Hong Kong and he provided employment to numbers of boys at that time who were unable to meet the ends. With the opening of the video games, the mushrooming started and by the end of the few years hundreds of centers were started who copied him and started making video games in Hyderabad. By the time Syed got disinterested he had 6 to 7 video games arcades already running in Hyderabad. My surrounding was full of politicians, film stars and people from all walks of life, as I was a journalist and later started my own weekly in English and Urdu in 1977.As a film journalist and critic, I used to meet many a stars like Hemaji, Jeetenderji, Dharmenderji,Amitji, Anil kapoor and many more and they were very friendly and Syed’s childhood was spent among the glamorous Bollywood personalities, powerful politicians and top cricketers In sports Syed had a fascination for cricket and boxing. As years passed he flourished in cricket upto Ranji Trophy level and every weekend his photo appeared in leading news papers for his batting skill and his 24 hundreds till date. I still remember when he was playing with Hyderabad’s and Indian Star Batsman v.v.s laxman for the senior zonals, where laxman happened to get out on 99 and was crying and Syed was pacifying him as a team mate. As a matter of fact Syed was selected as the cricket captain of the country club when they launched their cricket team. On the inauguration of the cricket academy he was lucky to share the same platform with such greats like sunil gavaskar and kapil paji. After the inauguration he and Mr.Sunil Gavaskar had a chat for a long time in his hotel room in Taj banjara(banjara hotel)where Mr.Gavaskar received an invitation from the then Prime minister of Pakistan Mr.Nawaz Sharief who invited him to be a part of the celebrations after Pakistan won the 1992 world cup. He had a close association as a team mate with very enthusiastic cricket buff Rajeev Reddy, the CEO of the country club chain. By this time Syed got interested in furniture business and he opened a showroom with big fanfare which was inaugurated by the then sports minister Mrs.Geeta Reddy and was attended by vvips, filmstars and cricketrs. The furniture business still continues. In the meantime, I asked him to construct a farmhouse which had become a in thing in Hyderabad. Syed planned the design of the building, landscaping, garden, pantry and other details, got the plan sanctioned and implemented the same. He made it with such passion, vision and hard work that, when we finally saw the farmhouse, everyone said in one breath that, it is one of the best farmhouses in Hyderabad. Right from the beautiful Entrance, Kitchen, Garden, Big Lawns, Huge Swimming pool, Plantation to the Modern building, everything was very very beautiful. Then I realized how much potential he has in him to become a Builder. The next venture on his hand was a palatial well designed beautifully elevated bungalow at Banjara Hills. He got the 3 storied building completed in 10 months time and the final product was beyond my dreams and expectations. Even big wigs like—praised to the skies. I still remember my friend a congress ministers quote when he visited us,”I feel I am sitting in Akbar’s Darbar”. Syed proved this saying wrong “Jack of all master of none”. Whatever he did in his life have become a master piece. Once he casually met a boy called Saleem who was working as an area manager with Deli 9 at Ibne Battuta Mall in Dubai. From him Syed got the inspiration to open a coffee shop “Mr.Donald” at begumpet Hyderabad. He spent 3 months in planning from the exclusive interiors, first class furnitures, imported machines, and best staff. By the end of 3 months he got the coffee shop inaugurated by Indian Cricket Captain Mohd.Azharuddin who happens to be a family friend in style & again everyone was astonished to see a foreign style place ready. It was a beautiful experience watching him glow while giving interviews to Television and media people. He did it again single handedly. I was overwhelmed to see such a beautiful place done by my son. He wants to adopt an orphanage, where he has been visiting since last 30 years and helping them in his individual capacity pledges to donate his earnings which will come from the Construction and production business he also wants to do something big & collective for the under privileged kids and the downtrodden with the help of Bollywood Super Stars like Amitabh Bacchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bacchan, Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bacchan, Sunil Shetty, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Tabu, Aishwariya Rai Bacchan, Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Esha Deol, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Malaika Arora Khan, Yana Gupta, Sonu Nigam, Annu Malik, Javed Akhtar, Gulzar and other top film personalities. By making 10 music videos with all the Super Stars. Syed was an active member when there was a cricket match held in Hyderabad in aid of the flood effected victims between Bollywood industry and Tollywood industry in 1989 where he happened to meet and interact with all the big film personalities like Sunil Duttji, Dharmenderji,Vinod Khannaji, Sanjay Dutt, Danny, The late Amjad Khan Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Sridevi JayaPradha, Chiranjeevi, Krishna, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Arjun, Rajender Prasad, Meena, Roja and many other Super Stars. Syed says and feels that this is a very big responsibility on his little shoulders but, assured that he won’t let Hyderabad, his family, well wishers and his working team down and will work very hard with lot of dedication and will give his best shot as he has been doing till now. At the end he said that, he is going to make Hyderabad proud with his work in his profession and above all by helping the orphans and underprivileged kids in a very positive and realistic way for which he has established a charitable trust “Sadiqa Sultana Charitable Trust” and has been been doing his bit for many social causes since 30 years, which has never been spoken about or shown to the outer world and, He is such a down to earth and shy person that he is petrified to pieces to talk about himself, his work and company in media and believes in low profile policy. May God bless and fulfill his sincere and pious efforts. Let us see how his team supports and helps him to achieve greater heights together to bring a great change to our society. As Syed Algazi says “when people are not afraid or ashamed of doing wrong deeds then why should I be ashamed of doing good deeds”. Today he has got many big National and International plans for our Country and it's serious issues and causes under his sleeves which will be implemented and initiated in the second half of 2018 and will be updated.

NOTE:If any kid or youngster who dreams big and wants to do something in life can email Mr.Syed Algazi and he will be glad to share his experiences and journey with you and if even one person is benefited with it he will be grateful to God.